sunday 100.3

it's about that time again. "sunday one hundred"
close to halfway::

79. Jayden's heart

78. dancing in the car

77. finding something lost
[on the the most superficial level: your keys
and the deepest level _ your heart]

76. Colbie Caillat - Capri

75. This is my sister, Allison. She's 'my person'. [visit her blog] The Last Bite. She's more than a cook.

74. The story.telling of Billy Joel's Scenes from an Italian Restaurant 

73.  .... and Don McLean's American Pie

72.  Everything I Ate: A Year in the Life of My Mouth by Tucker Shaw
This book is currently housed at my sister's house, which is a very good thing. I very likely would get nothing done if I owned it. 
There's a definite reason it's out of stock at amazon.

71. watching clouds change shape: related post coming soon.

70. in the summer, when my freckles appear. they make a grand entrance, all at once. 
not one here or there. 
freckles: jackson pollock style

see ya'll, next sunday.. for the next installment _100.4


  1. Jayden's heart is beautiful! So is your sister. You two are definitely blessed to have one another.