what would you do if.?

several times this past couple of weeks, i have heard or read this message _ what would you attempt, if you knew that you could not fail? stumbled upon through a clothing site.. . 

or as Pete Wilson said in one of his sermons, "WHAT would you do IN your life - in your marriage, in your finances_  IF YOU WERE ABSOLUTELY CONFIDENT that GOD WAS PRESENT?" 

some days this is much easier than others. 
some days it feels as if everyone's life is moving on around me, and i am sitting on that dirty old bench by the bus stop. 

some days. 

my life, i live on a moment by moment basis. 
but recently, i've been feeling as if i'm on the precipice of something. 
i don't know what. 
in fact, i have not a clue.
i've been trying my best [... my best, often times not being good enough] to lay it in His hands. Just asking that when the time comes, that i somehow Know.
that i feel it.
whatever it may be.
'That this is the road He wants me to take. Whether it be a job, a new place, a relationship.'

Today, during a staff meeting, something was announced. And it was in that moment, in my heart, that I felt that tug. that tug on my heart that I knew was from Him.
I don't know what is going to happen.
I don't know what it all means.
I'm looking into all the details of this news.

But the questions remains still, and echoes at least in my mind _ What would you do in your life? .. . if you knew you couldn't fail? .. if you were absolutely confident that God was Present in your life?

Would you be making different choices?

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