sunday 100.1

before even starting this post ... i knew i was a list maker. i LOVE writing things to do. ideas for future careers, stores to open, books to write. oh, it iS endless. lists ARE endless obviously.. isn't that the point?

the fun in this one, though, is it is all things i love. things that i love to think of. that i love to eat. that i love to touch. that i love to hear. fill in the _______.
starting this sunday .. . today.. then next.
ten will be posted of my own favorite.
no particular order.
some serious. some silly.
all mixed up.
we'll see who is paying attention

are you up to the challenge, too, though? 
make your own list. 
after you're done reading, link on up below.

100.  life is beautiful _ if you haven't seen it. call off work tomorrow and watch. here are two short clips. the game rules     the march
i would suggest watching it with the subtitles. it's the REAL deal, then.

99.    the color ochre

98.    jasmine tea _ this is a new love.. but i fell head over heels. a cup of hot or cold. either way

97.    flea markets. having no idea what you are going to find. kinda why i love daffy's
         [the flea market of clothing stores]

96.    Ticonderoga pencils 

95.    my mom's grilled cheese sandwiches. mine will never compare.

94.    blue glass

93.    an old pair of red pajama pants that have 100 holes up and down the leg [made by my cat], nicknamed my 'hobo pants' by Sis. I refuse to them throw out. best sleep ever in those suckers.

92.    Lolita Lempicka can't remember when i started wearing this fragrance but it's been forever. it's like no other.

91.    knowing that my brain has just taken in new information, that i've learned something new. lightbulb on.

90.   hearing a song that brings a happy memory flooding back to my mind.

---- - - - oooopsss.. that's eleven. { see - i said "who's paying attention?" }

start your first ten today. write your own post and link up here. 


  1. I dropped by from Allison's The Last Bite...I saw Life is Beautiful when it was released in the theaters. I loved it! Subtitles are definitely the way to go. Buongiorno Principessa! is still one of my favorite lines ever!

  2. you saw it in the theater ??? LUCKy gal!

  3. It was ages ago and I happened to be dating a guy who was into Foreign and Indy films. Now, I hardly ever go to the theaters and if I do, it's rated G :D