a lovely dummy

the last few weeks of school have not been easy. a lot has been happening in the school district and the fact that it is nearing june is not helpful in any way, shape or form. the kids can feel it in the air. even the most polite child has a new sass in their step. 

without fail though, even on the worst day, there will always be a glimpse or glimmer of hope. 
the scene below was from monday.  
all from a young man, i brought to the office twice that day
you should have seen the concoction he created with a folder, pencils and pens. 
looked like a medieval torture device. 

at the end of the day,
i sat at the group work table with him_ 
often times the only place he will work. 
this is what he comes out with // /

"I wonder why they say:
you know things 'BY HEART' instead of know things 'by mind'?
Cause you know things with your mind."  
He paused for a while, reflecting. 
"I wonder a lot of things like that." 

it's in moments like that_ that i love my job. luckily, they appear quite frequently. i just sit back and smile, snapping away with my imaginary camera. . and jotting down what silly or thoughtful things they say. 

Think about it though. 
I  have.  
I've spent the last few days tossing this idea back and forth around in my mind. 
And all the things I've known with MY HEART, are the ones that i've experienced the most extremes emotions with. 
the MOST love, or the most heartache. i felt the most loss over. the songs i know BY HEART are the ones, that usually make me laugh or cry... they are the ones that touch the inner core of my HEART. sometimes i misread things or people, sometimes i've misunderstood situations, but i don't think i would take back anything, ever. 

The things i know with my mind. obviously are worth knowing, 
but if i only had one choice. 
to know either love and pain with my heart.. .
know hard cold facts with my mind. 

only could have one? 

i think i would rather be a dummy with love. 
fer sur. 

maybe i'm thinking too long and hard about this all. 
maybe not. 

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