raindrops to puddles

a while ago.
back when i had my license, before my seizure.. .
i remember driving to work one cloudy morning_it started to drizzle. a tiny droplet here .. . a drop there.. eventually the windshield covered in sparkly "moon quarters".  each droplet finding its way to its friend_ an inch away until they rolled quickly down the front of my car.

in that moment, i thought about how in our lives, many times the 'raindrops' so easily can turn into massive puddles. puddles that seem so hard to get out of.. and to get dry from. we linger in their dampness even hours after the rainstorm. they are so very hard to shake off _

in an effort to find a 'dry spot' recently i went searching through my YouTube favorites. strange spot to go hunting, you would think. but not so much. i found what i looking for.

3:12. it's like that yellow rain slicker i need in life.  Can there be anything more assuring than that?..  even on a day when my mascara is running down my cheeks?

.. . i am His.  
and He is mine.

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