sunday 100.5

halfway there.. . 

59. girl talks about stupid boys.
one of my besties, Michelle, just left.
love her. love our conversations. we just get each other.
What a blessing she is in my life.

58. visits to the public library

57. acoustic guitar. watching ... and listening to someone playing.

56.  my crazy family.

55.  Jim Halpert.. otherwise known as 'Jim', Pam's now husband on The Office.

54.  anything BACON related _ i even have PocketBacon on my iPhone. ..  .

53.  my favorite mug. it's heavy. it's plain _  not the prettiest, by far. but it's my favorite and it makes my tea even much more comforting.

52.  lilacs
there was a bush near my house when i was growing up.
bloomed every spring. the scent traveled throughout the neighborhood.
the new neighbors cut it down when they moved in, never understood why.. how very silly? who in their right mind would ever do such a thing?

51. my crinkle paged, well. worn bible with underlining and notes and stars. Looking at it. makes me feel like i have a two.way journal with God.

50. impatiens seed pods.
my sister and i used to love to pop these as little girls. sending the seeds flying about.
my mother plants impatiens faithfully every summer as much as I dare her to spice things up a bit. i would miss these pods, though. last year, i sent some of them to my sister. I think they were all popped by the time they made it from nj to Michigan.


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