i'm His

someone asked me the other day what type of church i attended. .

i find that question awkward to answer.
awkward_ is not even the the right word _. 
it's like people want a response, so they can fit you into a proper place in their religious puzzle. 
are you "christian"? catholic? non-denominational? 
it's sad when you think about it. 

when the truth comes down to it..
in the long and short of it .. ...OR...   the short and long of it.. it makes NO difference.
NONE at all. 
and that's how i responded to this person's question. 
"The church i attend is presbyterian, but i don't place myself in any category."
"i'm a child of God."

and those were my exact words. 
it's funny. how people can get so caught up with all the classifications and titles. they forget that it's all about a relationship.
it's all between you and Him. 
it's about love. 

simply falling in love with Him.

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  1. What you said is so right. Thank the Lord we are all loved and because of his love we follow in his footsteps.